Monday, 3 January 2011

Josh Ritter

Welcome to the new dawn. It has been a fun time. Moved house in November and within 48 hours I was snowed in for 3 weeks.  Now today just as the dirty frozen snow has all but gone it is snowing big nasty flakes again. So just in case I am snowed in again it's time for a post. At Christmas we almost ran out of cat food, due to the fact we were eating it, now with the cat food gone, the snow falling and hungry humans in the house if I was the cat I would hide less he find himself in the new year stew.

Anyway followers of the great 'Never get out of the boat' blog will be delighted that it has not gone for good and it can now be found here:

Ok so now it's time for a quick post, live from the Record Exchange in Boise Idaho recorded in 2006 it's the great Josh Ritter. Boise Idaho, if i'm not mistaken is home to the great Modest Mouse.  I have been enjoying this much. An interesting chap born in Moscow, Idaho, studied in Scotland and ended up in Ireland where he seemed to kind of almost make it, nearly.

My lady just said to me: "Do you ever, while typing 'Andrew', end up typing 'Andrex in arrivals'. Err no, love, never. I thought that it would be nice for you all to have a quick glimpse into my domestic bliss.

So on that note here is the great Mr Ritter with some great performances. Enjoy: As usual links are in the comments.